Welcome to Hope Island Gourmet Meats. We are a family run business and provide the highest quality, 100% Hanging Lamb2Natural Grass Fed meat available; our range varies from common cuts to specialty meats and small-goods from around the world.

Hope Island Gourmet Meats has been a part of the local community for a long time and supplies Natural Grass Fed products to local clubs and restaurants.  We only stock and supply high grade organic products and our prices are very competitive.

We also specialise in meat trays and packs for your next event, raffle or give away. We can custom make them to any size and price you desire.

Hope Island Gourmet Meats is also available to wholesalers and restaurants for supply. We include delivery and ensure that you only get the best quality meat; our variety of meat is diverse so please check out our range to get more information on what we stock and please use the contact us page to find out your preferred way to communicate with us!

All meat is prepared in store!

By qualified and experienced butchers

Here at Hope Island Gourmet Meats, we make it a point that we prepare all our meat in store. We refuse to buy meat that comes pre-packaged or pre-cut, and as we like to use every part of the animal, it can be ensured that we take great care in preparing the meat, and that it is always at it's freshest.

Club Helensvale member discount

10% off all purchases

Hope Island Gourmet Meats is a community orientated business, and as such we offer a 10% discount to all members from Club Helensvale on anything in the store. If you have ever enjoyed a meal at Club Helensvale chances are we supplied the meat, as we are the main natural grass fed meat provider for the newly opened Blu Bistro.

100% Natural Grass Fed

and only comes from the best suppliers

All the produce here at Hope Island Gourmet Meats is 100% natural grass fed and free to roam. No preservatives, flavour enhancements or anything un-natural in our store. We also ensure to only buy from the best suppliers, this way we know that all animals are looked after and cared for in a humane way from birth until slaughter. A happy animal makes a happy butcher and a satisfied customer, and here at Hope Island Gourmet Meats we are all about happy customers.

Organic Products

We sell some of the top Organic Products on the market

We have in stock some of the best organic products at very affordable prices. Natural products are shown to be much more healthy then the processed counter-parts sold in supermarkets. Some of our organic products include All Natural Yoghurt, Organic Butter, organic milk, natural cheeses and organic extra virgin coconut oil.